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Children’s Party Menu

When you book your children’s party, you can choose from the following freshly prepared

food options:

Party Menu

  • Choose any 3 of the following:


    Fish fingers

    Chicken nuggets

    Pork sausages

    Veggie nuggets

    Quorn sausages

    Cheese sandwiches

    Jam sandwiches

    Ham sandwiches

    Dairylea sandwiches

    Marmite sandwiches

    Egg mayo sandwiches

  • Plus chips, carrot and cucumber batons
  • Mini Milk ice lolly or jelly
  • Jugs of squash and water


NB: Customers are not allowed to bring their own food and drink into Parents Paradise (except for the birthday cake).

The children’s food is not provided for adults.  Please either order adult food platters one week before your party, or ask your adult guests to purchase their own food and drink from the Parents Paradise Café on the day.

Dietary requirements

We work very hard to ensure we can offer a substitute meal for children with allergies or other dietary requirements.  Please discuss your individual requirements with Parents Paradise when booking your kids party.

Ingredient sheets are available upon request.

Regrettably, Parents Paradise is unable to cater specifically for Kosher or Halal requirements.

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A birthday party at Parents Paradise is one to remember.

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